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Here are some of our recent posts:

In Arts Education: “There’s been a lot of discussion in the last week on this NYT piece on segregation in NYC public education, and this Slate series about race in America’s schools. How have these conversations played out in your office, your school(s)? What are the next questions you’d like these talented reporters to tackle?”

In Calls for Applications: “The Institute for Electronic Arts (IEA) is currently accepting applications for one week, New York State artist residencies for Electronic Media and Film projects… Applications for these opportunities are due by August 19th, 2016.”

In Share Your Events: “Horizon Theatre Rep’s Production of Geist at the 4th Street Theater. Sept 15th through Oct 2nd! On the waning days of World War I, a platoon of soldiers vanished without a trace. In their last recorded post we found tapes of plays they enacted to pass away the time…”

Do you have an event coming up? Want to share with us a new audience engagement initiative or marketing strategy? Have a question about NYSCA grants? Thoughts about the articles in the Arts Education thread?

Let us know in the forums!


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