Upcoming: Budgeting and Board Succession Webinars

Two upcoming webinars with our partners at the New York Council of Nonprofits are exclusively for NYSCA grantees. The webinars will focus on board leadership succession planning and budgeting. For more information or to register, visit nycon.org.

June 24, 2016  11:30 am

 Board Leadership Succession Planning for Arts Groups [NYSCA Webinar]

Presented by Doug Sauer, CEO, NYCON

Nonprofit executive succession has been a hot topic recently, but relatively little attention has been paid to how to effectively plan the succession of key board leaders and officers.  Our speaker will provide a framework for developing formal, written emergency and planned succession strategies, both short-term and long-term (and much more.)

June 28, 2016 11:30 am

Top Five Budgeting Pitfalls for Arts Groups and How to Avoid Them [NYSCA Webinar]  Presented by Kelly Mathews, Sr. VP & COO, Financial Managment Group, NYCON

As nonprofit leaders know, a budget is a guide that can help plan for the future as well as assess current financial health. A thoughtful budget process is the key to developing a financial plan that is both realistic and reflective of organizational goals. This webinar will help identify 5 common missteps in the budgeting process, from faulty allocation assumptions to aspirational fundraising targets, and strategies to avoid them.

Registrants must be a current staff or board member of a nonprofit funded by the NYS Council on the Arts in 2016.

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