You asked, we answered: NYSCA Q&A Part II

Below and in the previous post are questions submitted during NYSCA’s regional meetings. Have more questions? Let us know in the comments!

Now that NYSCA has moved to a calendar year contract schedule, are grant recipients encouraged to also move to a calendar year, as opposed to July-June season schedule, budget?

As NYSCA only provides a percentage of an applicant’s budget, it may not be advisable for an organization to make a change. Each organization should make their own determination of what works best for their own accounting in advisement with their Board of Directors.   NYSCA has webinars that may be helpful to grantees with this question, in conjunction with the New York Council on Nonprofits.  The topics covered include: 

How to manage cash flow when your primary funder(s) shift their funding periods

How to report on program activities when your fiscal year or project period does not line up with your contract term

The link to the recordings is available on the facing page of the NYSCA website.

Have you seen an increase in grant applications for arts education? Do you anticipate an increase in requests for funding for K-12 schools due to education budget cuts? What do you believe will be the response from NYSCA?

The applicant pool for Arts Education has had a slight uptick in recent years. At NYSCA we’re well aware of the ongoing challenges at public schools, where budgets are tight and it can be difficult to find funding for arts programs. That’s why we’re committed to supporting cultural partners working with public schools to bring teaching artists into the classroom for in-depth residencies – it’s a model that has demonstrated success and that we are proud to promote. Click here and search for the Arts Education program to see a list of past grantees, which will include all grantees in our K-12: In-School Programs category.

What changes are being made to improve or simplify the application process? Is the Cultural Data Project still required?

We understand the application process can be daunting and it is the staff’s collective goal to make the process as clear to applicants as possible. In addition to annually introducing new resources, tutorials, webinars and in-person application seminars, the agency is working closely with Grants Gateway to determine how we can curb redundancies and complexities in the application process.

We urge all interested applicants to familiarize themselves with NYSCA’s website and the Grants Gateway Grant Opportunity Portal well before NYSCA’s application opens in early 2017. Once the application opens, do not wait until the last minute to begin and submit your application.

Staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about the process. Contact information for all staff members can be found at:

The New York State Council on the Arts no longer requires the Cultural Data Project (now known as DataArts). The requirement was lifted in an effort to simplify the application process and reduce redundancies. 

Although not required, organizations are welcome to contribute to the data collection initiative and use its analytic and reporting tools to help increase management capacity, inform decision-making and support evidence-based case making. Organizations can complete a free Cultural Data Profile at


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