If you received a Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) grant last year, can you apply for this year too?

Past REDC grantees are welcome to apply in subsequent rounds, but priority will be given to applicants that have not received NYSCA REDC Program funding in previous years.

Funding opportunities are available through the Regional Economic Development Council program (REDC) for projects designed to enhance and transform the cultural and economic vitality of New York State communities. Arts and culture activities enrich and strengthen community, civic and social life in New York State. Successful proposals will demonstrate significant economic and community development impact that positions arts, culture and heritage at the core of local development and revitalization efforts.

For more information on the NYSCA’s REDC Funding and the application process please visit: http://www.arts.ny.gov/public/guidelines/regional_economic_Dev/index.htm  

Application Deadline:  4pm, July 29, 2016.

Seeing how much cultural funding goes to NYC from other sources, does NYSCA consider the need for funding in other regions of the state more heavily?

The agency is dedicated to supporting organizations statewide and regularly analyzes where grants are made to ensure a balanced and equitable distribution of funds. Council, Program staff, and panelist consider both geography and funding availability when reviewing applications for funding. Specific evaluative criteria include:

Geographic Location: The scarcity or availability of comparable services or activities in the geographic region in which proposed services or activities will take place

Funding Availability: The nature and extent of the availability of other public and private funds to support comparable activities

When will decisions be made for this year’s applications? Is it possible to know who the panel members reviewing our applications are?

Applicants will be notified of decisions for this year’s applications in the fall. While panel meetings are not open to the public, a roster of panelists and biographies can be found here: http://www.arts.ny.gov/public/grants/panelist_nom.htm


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