News from the Field: Creative Aging

A new Createquity article, “(Eng)Aging With the Arts Has Its Benefits,” synthesizes multiple studies to conclude that “the most compelling evidence of the value of the arts revolves around improving the lives of older adults” Key findings about participatory arts include:

  • Singing improves mental health and subjective wellbeing (i.e., perceived quality of life)
  • Taking dance classes bolsters cognition and motor skills, and even lessens the likelihood of developing dementia later in life
  • Playing a musical instrument has myriad positive effects, including dementia risk reduction
  • Visual arts practice generates increases in social engagement, psychological health and self-esteem

To read the complete article, click here

NYSCA supports creative aging initiatives through our Arts Education Program. Does your organization have a creative aging program? Are you interested in starting one and have questions? Let us know in the comments, and our staff will respond with suggestions!


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