NYSCA wants to hear from you!

NYSCA wants to hear from you! Read about two new communications features below to find out how we can help share your news with the New York State arts community.

Holiday Guide

We would like to create a comprehensive directory of holiday season arts programs created by our grantees to serve as a resource for our constituents. Please share with us your holiday plans at public.affairs@arts.ny.gov using the subject line Holiday Events by December 7.


Brought in your largest audience ever? Exceeded your fundraising goals? Tried a new program that broadened your reach or deepened your engagement with your community? Tell us about it! We want to share our grantees’ accomplishments so that we can provide examples of what works and, together, make our arts community even stronger. Share your stories: post in the comments on the NYSCA Network or on social media using the hashtag #NYSCASuccess. You can also email us at public.affairs@arts.ny.gov, using the subject line #NYSCASuccess. We’ll compile the results for a post on the NYSCA Network on December 12, along with longer posts on select grantees. Stay tuned!

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