Time to Prequalify: What NYSCA Applicants Need to Know

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NYSCA’s FY2018 application will be available in early 2017. But you can Prequalify now – and we recommend it! To help get you started, we have six tips from NYSCA’s Prequalification experts.

  1. Prequalify ASAP. We highly recommend you become Prequalified well before you start your application. In fact, you can begin the process now. You must be Prequalified by the application deadline in order to receive NYSCA funding. For some organizations, Grants Gateway registration and Prequalification can take as long as 2 weeks, so start early!
  2. Read the Manual. If you are brand new to Grants Gateway, New York State’s grants portal, we recommend you read the following links first: the Vendor Prequalification Manual, Maintaining Prequalification, and Documents and Questions.
  3. Log In as Delegated Administrator. This is the only account role that will allow you to Prequalify.
  4. Check Your Status. If you are a returning applicant, check your status in Grants Gateway. If it says “In Review,” “Expired,” or “In Modification,” you are NOT Prequalified and will need to update your document vault.
  5. Examine Your Vault. If you are not currently prequalified, make sure all your documents are up to date – not just your financial statements, but also your board and staff lists, integrity information, corporate address, and other organization information.
  6. Remember the Non-profit Revitalization Act. Make sure your information accords with the most recent updates to the Non-profit Revitalization Act. This year, an update has been made requiring that organizations in which the board chair is a staff member provide a Board Resolution approving this dual role. More information is available at nycon.org, and NYSCA will also post updates at arts.ny.gov. Update: Please review the Non-profit Revitalization Act at http://arts.ny.gov/public/NPRA.pdf


3 responses to “Time to Prequalify: What NYSCA Applicants Need to Know

  1. Dear NYSCA,
    Thanks for the info about prequalification. However, where can I find a URL to start the prequalification process?

  2. Please begin by downloading the Registration Form from the Grants Reform website: https://grantsreform.ny.gov.

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