Guidelines at a Glance: Dance

Choreography: Alvin Ailey
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Credit Photo: Paul Kolnik

The NYSCA staff works hard to ensure that our grant guidelines are as thorough as possible, answering crucial questions that may come up during the application period and providing step-by-step instructions with photos to ease the process. However, we recognize that it may be useful to have a quick overview of what kinds of projects are eligible in each category, in addition to the full guidelines.

For this purpose, we have created Guidelines-at-a-Glance. Every day for the next three weeks, we will share one entry summarizing one of the 15 NYSCA Programs open for application. At the end of this period, we will also share a document compiling all the Guidelines-at-a-Glance. In addition to eligible projects listed, programs except Facilities and Individual Artists offer General Operating Support.

Today, we focus on Dance:

General Operating Support

  • The primary focus or mission of the organization must be in the Dance discipline
  • GOS represents serves as an investment by NYSCA in an organization’s ongoing work and is not restricted to a specific project or program
  • Funding is directed to organizations that demonstrate exemplary practice in all areas of administration, finance, programming, and other organizational activities

Professional Performances

  • New York State-based professional dance companies may request support for a performance series or season (minimum of 2 full performances) in the company’s home base
  • Funding is directed primarily towards dancers’ and other artistic salaries or fees
  • A dance company must have produced at least 2 home seasons in the last 3 years in order to be eligible
  • Organizations applying for or receiving General Operating Support from Dance are not eligible for funding in this project support category
  • Professional Performances category accepts sponsored requests.
  • NYS based choreographers and dance companies are able to seek support for a home season   through a nonprofit umbrella organization.
    • The sponsor entity must meet all the requirements and qualifications for application to NYSCA
    • The dance artist/company must also meet the prerequisites and requirements of the Professional Performances category
    • A completed Sponsored Request Form is required as part of the submitted support material along with proof of NYS residency

Rehearsal Space and Residencies

* This category encompasses two specific project areas: Support for Subsidized Rehearsal Space     and Long-Term Artists Residencies within New York State

* Rehearsal Space and Long-Term Artists Residencies are exempted from the Council-wide 2 request limit

Rehearsal Space

  • Supports organizations that provide subsidized rehearsal space and studio rental to dance groups and choreographers
  • Organizations must provide subsidized space at $10/hour or less to dance groups and individual choreographers
  • A minimum of 1,000 subsidized hours must be provided. This support is intended to fund creative rehearsal time and excludes auditions, classes, workshops and showings
  • Funding in this category is intended to assist outside artists and companies and does not support the studio space given to the applicant’s resident artists

Long-Term Residencies in New York State

  • Supports artists’ fees and some administrative costs for a 3-to-6 week residency by a NYS-based dance company in a targeted area outside NYC
  • The residency must be of consecutive weeks and take place in a location in NYS that is not within a company’s home county
  • The applicant dance company must have received support from the Dance program within the last 2 years.

Services to the Field

  • Support is directed to service organizations that offer professional services for the advancement of dance groups and individuals
  • Services may include technical assistance in administrative and/or new technological areas, cooperative management, and performance spaces
  • Organizations applying for or receiving General Operating Support from Dance are not eligible for funding in this project support category

Regrants & Partnerships

* This category is by invitation of the Council only and designed to support special initiatives and services. This category is exempt from the Council-wide 2 request limit.

Dance Commissions

* This support is available under the Individual Artist program and is exempt from the Council-wide 2 request limit.

Dance Commissions provides support for New York State-based professional dance companies to bring in a guest choreographer or for venues of 199 seats or less that have a prior NYSCA funding history for a professional presenting series and regularly present dance.

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