Photos: Touring the New Second Avenue Subway

Artist Sarah Sze, center, discusses her work “Blueprint for a Landscape” in the 96th Street Station. “What’s amazing to me about how the station developed is it allowed for an immersive experience,” Sze said. Inspired by the translation of 3-D architecture into a two-dimensional blueprint, the work encompasses a variety of drawings from Sze’s sketchbook, ranging from her apartment to the Parthenon, and also draws inspiration from wayfinding and how we experience movement.


On Wednesday, NYSCA had the privilege of touring the Second Avenue Subway alongside artists who contributed to the new stations that New York Magazine recently called a “world class art museum.” Sandra Bloodworth, Director of MTA Arts & Design and NYSCA Chair Dr. Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel kicked off the event.

“It is a pleasure today to have the opportunity to highlight the fine work of New York State’s MTA Arts & Design program,” Dr. Diamonstein-Spielvogel said. “As Governor Andrew Cuomo recently noted, many New Yorkers, young and old, may not have the opportunity to visit a museum or an art gallery. MTA Arts & Design provides access for all New Yorkers on their daily commutes, to the diverse and challenging works of young artists, emerging artists, and artists with international reputations.”

“Arts & Design has been building this museum for over 31 years and has contributed to the MTA’s rebuilding of the subway,” said Sandra Bloodworth. “The Second Avenue Subway, conceived in 1929 — taking almost a century to be realized, was a unique opportunity for MTA Arts & Design to be involved from the beginning of the most recent phase and to be part of the planning and design. The designers created high ceilings, column free spaces, and great sight lines for better visibility with up-to-date lighting. The designers created a great venue where the art could have a major impact.

In effect, they brought to life the mission of Arts & Design—to enhance the station environment through the inclusion of high quality art & design. We are proud of this very public art museum.”

Below are photos of NYSCA’s visit and of Second Avenue Subway artwork, featuring artists Sarah Sze and Vik Muniz.

NYSCA Chair Dr. Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel with NYSCA Council Member Eric Latzky

MTA Arts & Design Director Sandra Bloodworth

Lester Burg, Senior Manager of MTA Arts & Design, with Chuck Close’s “Cindy Sherman” in the 86th Street Station. Photo by Trent Reeves.

Artist Sarah Sze discusses her public art work for the Second Avenue Subway 96th Street Station


NYSCA Executive Director Mara Manus and Council Member Eric Latzky with Chuck Close’s “Cecily” from his “Subway Portraits” in the 86th Street Station.

Amy Hausmann, Deputy Director of MTA Arts and Design, with artist Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz’ “Perfect Strangers” at the 72nd Street Station

Jean Shin’s “Elevated” at the 63rd Street Station

Chuck Close self-portrait at the 86th Street Station. Photo by Trent Reeves.

Vik Muniz and Sarah Sze in front of Muniz’ “Perfect Strangers.” Photo by Trent Reeves.

MTA Arts & Design Director Sandra Bloodworth with NYSCA Chair Dr. Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel. Photo by Trent Reeves.

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