NYSCA Grants in Action: Rural Artists thrive through NYSCA Creative Capital Professional Development Program

It is central to NYSCA’s mission to not only support the visual, literary, media, and performing arts in all 62 counties, but also to advance the field.  Creative Capital helps us to achieve this through a NYSCA Visual Arts Partnership Program.

Just a Moment by PDP participant Kristie Boisen

NYSCA’s Visual Arts Program in partnership with Creative Capital has modified the existing Creative Capital Blended Learning Program, creating the pilot version called NYSCA Creative Capital Professional Development Program, or just PDP for short. PDP helps to identify and better serve emerging and established artists in rural areas of the State, targeting the North Country and the Southern Tier in this initial pilot. The Program provides training to visual artists residing in New York State through a comprehensive package of workshops, webinars, and private online courses. Over the course of four months, artists learn essential skills to enhance their careers. Courses offered cover financial management, exploring streams of revenue, grants, and applications for fellowships and residencies. Once the program is completed, artists have access to professional development tools through Creative Capital’s website for an entire year, allowing them to continue monitoring their own progress after the program has finished.

A budding program, PDP has enlisted high caliber artists and prominent industry professionals to facilitate workshops, webinars, and courses. The faculty consists of arts professionals from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines and includes multiple Creative Capital grantees, such as Guggenheim fellowship recipient and performance artist Aaron Landsman (thinaar.com). Also among the program’s leaders are recipient of the Creative Capital Award and Artist Trust Fellowship, composer Byron Au Yong (hearbyron.com); corporate strategic planner and arts business advisor for the TED fellows program, Colleen Keegan; and other reputable arts professionals.  NYSCA and Creative Capital are committed to providing accessible resources and a community for artists to achieve their goals. Regardless of experience level, or place of residence in New York State, the NYSCA Creative Capital Professional Development Program can be your gateway to setting an artistic career in motion or taking your career to the next level.

Kristie Boisen’s White Lake

The NYSCA Creative Capital PDP program is supported by NYSCA through our Visual Arts Program.  This PDP program is just entering its second year of operation. Here’s what last year’s participants are saying:

The shift that occurred today was both subtle and seismic. I’ve experienced enough transitions in life to recognize this as the beginning of a significant movement towards aligning my professional work and career with the practices and ideals I’ve been working very hard to cultivate in my personal, emotional, and creative life. I’m eager to continue this work, growing through and with the models, supports, and other participants of this incredible program. “

                                                                        –Jessica Posner, www.JessicaPosner.com

It was a life changing experience for me, as it helped me to realize my goals and create a clear plan on how to achieve them. I feel truly blessed for having been a part of this amazing program. I look forward to keeping the Creative Capital doors open in the future.” 

-Kristie Boisen


For more information on Creative Capital’s Blended Learning Program, including a detailed schedule, full list of faculty, enrollment information, and pricing, visit Creative Capital’s website here: https://www.creative-capital.org/pdp/blended





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