Prequalification: Essential Information for Grantees and Applicants

REMINDER: When you apply to NYSCA or enter into a contract, all documents in your Prequalification Document Vault in the Grants Gateway must be up to date.

Common annual dates that document vaults may require updating are 12/30, 2/15, 3/30, 5/15 and 6/30, and during grant application periods. An additional recent date was 11/15.

These dates are based on an organization’s fiscal year end date and may vary. Every organization should review their Prequalification Application Status Report document located inside their document vault regularly for key expiration dates and related information.

To access your organization’s document vault, log in to the Grants Gateway as the Grantee Delegated Administrator. A Document Vault link should be available near the top of the page.

The required documents are:

  • Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent document
  • IRS 501(c) determination letter
  • IRS 990
  • Audit/Review and Findings
  • CHAR500 or CHAR410
  • Board of Directors Profile
  • Senior Leadership Resumes
  • Corporate Bylaws

For questions about Prequalification and Document Vaults, contact Operations Team Associate Marnee Geller, (212) 459-8819 or


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  1. Casea Arts Inc. is a new organization. We need to apply for grants available and need the most basic information; how; when, where and deadlines to apply.
    Thank you.

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