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NYSCA Grant Opportunity: Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Program

Applications are now being accepted for the Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Program, a signature grant program of the New York State Council on the Arts
and the Preservation League of New York State.

This program provides support for consulting projects that preserve New York State’s cultural and historic resources. The grants will support professional services of architects, engineers, and other design and preservation professionals working with not-for-profit groups and municipalities to preserve their buildings, structures, and other resources that serve an arts and/or cultural function. The Preservation League of New York State administers the TAG Program, which is supported by regrant funding from NYSCA’s Facilities Program. Applications are due September 11, 2017.

Please note that you first must discuss your project with the Preservation League before you can receive an application. Applications are not available online.

Who is eligible to apply?
Not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) arts/cultural groups and municipalities managing an arts/cultural facility only. Please note that state agencies, groups that steward state-owned buildings, NYS-owned sites, religious institutions, and private property owners are ineligible for this program. Prior grant recipients must have successfully completed their funded project to qualify for future grants. Eligible groups may apply for only one project per grant cycle. The applicant group must be the owner of or have at least a 6 year lease on the resource that is the subject of the TAG application.

What project types can receive TAG support?
The applicant group may apply for short-term, discrete projects that advance the preservation of historic sites, museums, arts facilities including opera houses and theaters, and other culturally important institutions that are located in historic buildings and structures that are open to the public. These professional studies include:
1. Building Condition Surveys
2. Engineering/Structural Analyses
3. Feasibility/Reuse Studies
4. Specialized Conservation Studies
Please note that this program cannot fund architectural plans and specifications/construction documents.

How can the TAG funds be used?
TAG is intended to support the direct costs of carrying out the types of projects described above. These can include: consultant fees, in-state travel, photography, report production costs, and other associated expenses. Grant funds cannot be used toward applicant staff time or overhead costs.

What is the maximum grant award?
Grant amounts will not exceed $3,000 and the total cost of the applicant’s project may not exceed $3,500.

Is a financial match required?
Yes. Each applicant must provide $500 toward the total project cost.

When are applications due?
The Fall 2017 submittal deadline is Monday, September 11th, 2017.

How are the applications evaluated?
Technical Assistance Grant applications are evaluated based on the model of the New York State Council on the Arts. An independent review panel scores applications on three criteria:
1. Historic Preservation and Project Excellence
— architectural and historic significance of the building, landscape or area
— appropriateness of the project budget and consultant(s)
— likelihood that significant restoration or planning work will result
2. Fiscal and Managerial Competence
— applicant’s ability to carry out the project within a stated schedule
— applicant’s ability to raise sufficient funds to complete the project
— how this project fits with the applicant’s long-term or strategic plan
3. Service to the Public
— arts and cultural public programming
— public programs meeting a community need
— local project support

When will applicant groups be notified of the results?
Applicants will be notified by phone, email, or post within six weeks of the application deadline. The successful applicant must:
1. Complete a contact with the Preservation League.
2. Provide evidence of the $500 match as a retainer with the consultant before TAG funds can be released.
3. Complete their project within six months of the contract date. Please submit one bound copy and a CD of the final product.

If your organization and your project meet the guidelines, please contact League staff to discuss your potential application. Prospective applicants MUST first discuss their potential project with the appropriate League staff person, applications are not online.

Frances Gubler, Preservation Associate | (518) 462-5658 x 10 | fgubler@preservenys.org
Erin Tobin, Director of Preservation | (518) 462-5658 x 12 | etobin@preservenys.org

The Preservation League of New York State is a private, not-for-profit organization that works to protect and enhance the Empire State’s historic buildings, landscapes and neighborhoods. The Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Program is made possible through funding from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.